Fabulism | Fantasy | Fairy Tale

Short Stories

“A Brief History of Heartbreak” – on submission

Fleeing the memories of a broken heart, a young woman works for an artist who claims to have found the cure for heartbreak. 

“The Sisters” – in progress

At the turn of the twentieth century, a New York businessman stakes his fortunes selling lace woven by the three Fates. If only he knew how to tell what the patterns meant.

“The Girl Who Lived in a Closet” – in progress

While forced to hide in an attic closet during the occupation of Warsaw, a young girl collects the secrets and memories her people have left behind. 

“E.” – in progress

What happens when your doppelganger steps out of the mirror? You wind up running late to your own life.

“The Changeling” – in progress

A longed-for child is not what she seems, and her mother grapples with the desire to hold on and the pain of letting go.


Seventh Night

2018 Rooglewood Press Fairy Tale Contest – Honorable Mention

Ol dreams of becoming the greatest thief to ever live. Better yet, his best friend, Damaris, is along for the adventure. But when secrets from Damaris’ past emerge, Ol finds himself trapped in a deal with the infamous lord of thieves, Ragna, with just seven nights to pull off the greatest heist in history — to steal Damaris back from the dead.